As a Social Enterprise, we work for the benefit of members of society. This means that we stand in solidarity in our purpose and mission to bring equality for those who suffer due to mental health issues or domestic violence. We firmly stand in solidarity with survivors of such difficulties by donating 20% of our monthly profits to Women’s Aid and Refuge, while donating 50% of our fundraiser to both charities at 25% each! Take a look and donate below….

Follow through to our social media pages, GoFundHer.com donations page, or any of our work through City Girls Big Dreams or social media to find out more about how we are working towards our goals and missions!

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Seek Me...

Welcome to our Shop! We have a range of products from original designs to convenient clothing. Come take a look at what we do alongside our fashion lines...

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  • 🌍Sponsor me for as little as $5 dollars a month!!🌍

    Donate to my Domestic Abuse Awareness project and help me cover the costs of advocacy, mentorship, legal advice and help, and so much more for survivors of domestic abuse and people suffering with mental health issues as a result of trauma.

  • Seek Me Cosmetics

    We are so happy to announce the launch of cosmetics for Seek Me UK through Avon😍 Come take a look and grab your favourite beauty products now, while I worry about the paperwork!💜📍

    Shop Avon! 
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