1 Year of Freedom, 1 Year to Celebrate...

 I’m the type of person who is big on congratulating people and recognising small achievements, I like to make others around me feel cherished, loved, important, and appreciated.

But funnily enough, I have not had any congratulations for a year without abuse - you know why that should be congratulated? Because I dealt with the worst type of people out there and I survived it and I built up my own life. I get to have a day to appreciate my resilience and so should other survivors. Why is it not appreciated? Why is it not appreciated when those same survivors are standing up to help others? Why is it not something to be congratulating your friend for?

I was with a close friend on the 6th and as soon as it hit 12, he literally high-fived me. It put a massive smile on my face. Not that I needed the validation, but it was just the thought behind it that made all the difference. Everyone wonders how to help mental health, so why don’t you try doing something small and positive? Why don’t you try to implement positive mannerisms in your daily life? Or is that too much for me to be pointing out? Is that gonna cause you to hate me because I point it out?

All of you that act like you’re out here being positive to others or uplifting others, just a cheeky reminder, you gotta act on those type of talks too.

Remember that each other’s achievements are important. Remember that if you went through abuse and you’ve been away from it now for however long, it is okay to CELEBRATE that. You are celebrating your own life. Give yourself and your friends/family the credit for these things. You might save someone’s life by doing something that positive.

I say this with lots of love and no intentions to offend people, it’s something we all need to be reminded of sometimes.

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