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I guess it’s time to pop back up and say hello to you all through my writing and my vlogging! I decided this year that I will focus more on my writing and nothing feels better than starting that journey by writing this blog. This is the first of so many beginnings! 

The past year was all about building myself up and dealing with issues to come to long-term solutions for them. I believe I have been able to do exactly that and now it’s time to start telling you all how I did it and where I am headed.

I have moved around a lot my whole life, barely staying in one place for that long. I spent a lot of time not being a part of things I should have been a part of from a very young age. I didn’t have the right communication methods, I didn’t have the right support to help me against it, I didn’t have anyone rooting for me in my corner for a very long time. I faced some of life's greatest difficulties on my own and with nothing but my own self, intelligence, and knowledge. I was able to recognise behaviours and actions that I know I am not okay with. 

It was not an easy journey, but I'm where I am now. In a position to tell my story, in a place where I am appreciated and no longer alone. I'm at peace with what I've been through and I'm angry at it all at the same time. 

I made it my life's mission to use this organisation to create a safe space for those who feel completely lost and for those who feel completely put together but find themselves waiting for things to break down. We've all been there, and if you haven't, you're either lucky or you might not even know it was what you went through...

I'm now free to talk about some things that were not allowed to be discussed, a year ago and it's taken a massive weight of my shoulders that I can finally share this with you all. 

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Seek Me

We are all better than the abuse that we know.

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I am with you, I stand by you, I will be your shield, I will not give up.


Some useful links for anyone who may need it:


Keep Safe:

Victim Voice:


SARC Units - you can self refer but the police offer it so all evidence can be recorded - please do this even if you don’t want to press charges. Keep the evidence and make sure that you are okay, safe, and healthy. Find your local centre here and don’t be afraid:


Individual content Disclaimer - We are a social enterprise: I am not a funded charity organisation, I am working on all of this in my own time and using my own resources, contacts, and legal knowledge as a criminologist to help others. Please refer to my page to learn more about the work that I am doing.


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