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At SEEK ME UK'S STORE, we provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our clients’ satisfaction matter a lot. We have the perfect combination of FASHION AND HOME DECOR products that are tailored to meet your needs through our standard shopping practice. Even if you are not sure of what you want, our e-shop has got several ways to help you identify your needs. Everything about SEEK ME UK'S STORE revolves around our commitment to help you look your best and inspire confidence in you. We use our own designs along with dropshipped products to bring you what you are looking for!

We have been operating for over One Year and we have managed to build up a reputable establishment online. We have a great team and aim to grow our business more and more, offering our customers the best ONLINE CATALOGUE AND GENERAL STORE products available.

If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.

One voice can inspire others.  One voice can start a movement. Let my voice can inspire you. 

We are a fashion brand operating as a social enterprise, so working with the strict aim to help members of society and form a community based approach to helping improve the lives of the individuals that we have the opportunity to help. As an organisation we have many different avenues that have been created to raise awareness, raise funds, and further provide services to clients that we come across on a daily basis. We would like to tell you the type of work that we do so that you have an idea of what you are investing into.

As a company, the Primary Director of the company is a non-gainful owner working just for the interest of the community. We have recently been approved for the Kickstarter Scheme by the Department for Work and Pensions UK to hire a young person between the age of 16-24 and train them to be able to further their careers. We are now working day and night to secure this funding in order to continue on our mission to help the local community and many more individuals worldwide. 

As an organisation, we have been running our Domestic Abuse Awareness Project since March 2021 and we are now continuing to find new and innovative ways to raise awareness and form a community of acceptance, kindness, appreciation, and love. We welcome all individuals, no matter what your background, sexual preferences, or personal hardships, we welcome you to join us in our fight against Domestic Abuse and Mental Health. As part of our services, we:

            - Advocate for domestic abuse survivors and people with mental health struggles;

            - Help and assist individuals in day to day life, such as speaking to GP or booking appointments;

            - Advise and Support through your journey no matter what stage of domestic abuse or mental health you are at;

            - Signpost to relevant authorities, local organisations, and other organisations and individuals in order to provide practical support in serious or emergency cases;

            - Provide personalised and organised approach to helping each individual with our dedicated case workers and further mental health volunteers;

            - Provide personal 1-2-1 service over the phone, text, or in person (where possible, otherwise video call) and keeping up with well-being and mental health checks for each individual;

            - Help individuals with any supporting documents, filling out forms for further support and help, or even by helping advise on legal avenues of help;

            - Produce and create informational content for individual survivors or others to help others learn more about domestic abuse and the subsequent impact this has on mental health;

            - Promote equal rights and men's mental health is prioritised just as much as women for the sake of supporting the male population through equally difficult situations and work towards suicide prevention;

              -  Provide a monthly subscription for a wellness box with some self-help and other tips inside with 2 special gifts including a stress toy and a small sweet surprise;

            - Clothing items so we can help create a sense of empowerment for men and women who suffer from abuse and need the confidence boost from something meaningful and practical;

            - Provide a platform of expression for survivors of all different backgrounds to express through their own methods and creative means;

           - Provide a flexible appointment booking system for survivors through our free #DAS Protect product on our website www.seekmeuk.com; and

           - Providing further research figures and participating in academic development for use in the field of domestic abuse and mental health. 

Please show your support by getting involved, donating, or sharing our fundraiser and business among others. 

We plan to use your donations to continue to provide these services for free for those who cannot afford it. We also want survivors to be able to benefit from the wellness packages but due to financial hardships faced by survivors of abuse or mental health, it is hard for everyone to afford these things. Any donations you make will be used to fund these wellness care packages, help individuals pay small bills when they are struggling, and help provide funds for food or shelter to those who need to escape. 

As directors of the business, myself (Emilya) and my partner (Pav) are both extremely passionate about these issues and are working together on our mission to bring about equality for both men and women. We want to create a platform and community of hope and kindness. Please click through to our website to take a look at the work we are doing under KFL - Kindness for Life - http://www.seekmeuk.com

We kindly request you to join us on our journey where we have the opportunity to connect with some amazing individuals on a daily basis to create a better future for our generations to come.

Check our work on Social Media and Collaborations with other advocates and companies such as GoFundHer, CityGirlsBigDreams, Adidas, American Apparel, and many more: 

Click Here to Seek Me! - http://linktr.ee/seekmeuk 

One voice can inspire others. One voice can start a movement. Let my voice inspire you.

We are back everyone!! Let's not forget why we started all this at the beginning of 2021. The project's 1 year anniversary is coming up and although we have made massive strides, we also have a long way to go! Don't let this mission be forgotten, we have all seen, experienced, or even just known someone who has, domestic violence and mental health in many different forms. This is the time to do something about it. 

Join me in SHOUTING, everyone in welcome, all I ask is that you be kind. Please follow any of the links below to my social media accounts that detail the work that I am doing alongside the business to support Abuse Survivors and Victims. 

We at Seek Me appreciate your continued support and kindness towards our work and mission. 


Purchase a Monthly Care Package for a Survivor!

Donate this amount on a monthly basis or a one-off and you can help pay for one of our care packages for a survivor that may not be able to afford it otherwise. Take a look at the details below and please donate!


Sponsor $10 or more

Purchase a Monthly Care Package for a Survivor!

Donate this amount on a monthly basis or a one-off and you can help pay for one of our care packages for a survivor that may not be able to afford it otherwise. Take a look at the details below and please donate! Wellness Care Package - £7.99 for 8 months (limited time only - normally £11.99) 1 surprise items (Sweet surprise!) Wellness Card with help resources 1 Item for Stress Relief


Sponsor $30 or more

Pay for Food, Shelter, or Bills of Survivors

Donate this amount on a monthly basis or a one-off and you can help pay towards bills for survivors who are struggling to meet their financial needs and cannot access any extra money during this holiday.


Sponsor $50 or more

Donate Directly for Equality Based Charities

Donate this amount on a monthly basis or a one-off and you can help towards raising funds to donate to charities that work with both men and women so that we can encourage and support men and women equally through difficult and traumatic situations and break the cycle of abuse and deteriorating mental health. Let's build the business that make a difference.


With love,