Don’t be afraid of calling the police. | #DAS | Domestic Abuse Survivor | Seek Me UK | Real Stories

 I will endure the suffering if it means it will create the necessary change and save lives. 

I posted a picture yesterday, smiling and laughing with the police, because that’s how good and strong they made me feel just by reporting the incident.

Don’t be fooled by the misconception that everyone is bad just because they wear police uniform. One of the reasons for being a police officer is to protect and safeguard people from situations like this weekend. I believe they can do that job if you trust in them doing so. 

The fear that the system doesn’t work is unnecessary in a situation where the first and foremost issue is your safety, mental and physical health. 

Shouting, protesting, screaming, all that is one thing but the focus needs to remain on the real issue. Find the loopholes and the issues within the legal system and tackle that to help victims, don’t just expect things to change, you have to find the exact part of the system that needs changing and approach the people that can make it change until you meet the one person that will go out of their way to change that system. 

I had a word with the feds yesterday about a lot of these issues, I heard their side of it, I saw first hand some of the issues they face even though some of them want to be doing so much more to help people. I watched how they got treated by others, I watched how much they cared when they saw me cry or breakdown. They were young, very very young, they believed in justice the way that we do but they didn’t want their faces or identities to be revealed because of their safety. They shouldn’t have to feel that way just because the older generation of corrupt officers has ruined the image and understanding of the whole organisation. 

One voice can inspire a change. One voice can start a movement. Let my voice inspire you. I am with you, I stand by you, I will be your shield, I will not give up.


Some useful links for anyone who may need it: 


Keep Safe: 

Victim Voice: 


SARC Units - you can self refer but the police offer it so all evidence can be recorded - please do this even if you don’t want to press charges. Keep the evidence and make sure that you are okay, safe, and healthy. 

Find your local centre here and don’t be afraid: 


Individual content Disclaimer - I am not a funded charity organisation, I am working on all of this in my own time and using my own resources, contacts, and legal knowledge as a criminologist to help others. Please refer to my GoFundMe page to learn more about the work that I am doing. 


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