How we always forget to care for ourselves…maybe I can be the one to remind you🤝💜🥺

I always post quite deep and serious stuff 💭so I wanted to share something I’ve been working on that may be of interest to my LinkedIn connections.☺️


This year myself and my partner, Pav, are on a mission to bring about awareness regarding so many issues close to our hearts, but also in spreading positivity and love for those who need it the most!🙏🏼 #2022goals 


As part of our plan to improve the services we provide as a company at Seek Me UK to, we are now introducing options to subscribe to our “Wellness Care Packages” or our Seek Me Memberships. There are details of how survivors can access these for free through our #crowdfunding page. ✍🏼💸📍


The details of the subscription are as follows, please register your interest by messaging us directly through any of our social media pages at:


Which one do you like the most?😍


🎁Subscription 1 - £7.99 per month 

1 surprise gift, 1 wellness card, 1 stress toy 🎁


🎁Subscription 2 - £19.99 per month

5 surprise items, 1 wellness and loyalty card, 1 stress toy, and 1 chocolate brownie.🎁


🎁Subscription 3 - £24.99 per month

8 surprise items, 1 wellness and loyalty card, 1 stress toy, 2 chocolate brownies, and a surprise beauty product.🎁


Or you can donate monthly and gift one of these boxes to our current Seek Me Survivors and future clients - you will be able to track when your donations are delivered!🥳💜☺️


💳Membership grants access to special discounts and subscribing to emails gains 25% discount across the website. Membership access provides monthly 1-2-1 support at a cost of £49.99 along with access to important resources and mentoring. 


📝Survivors are given special rates along with free access to support. Anyone else wishing to work alongside us will be required to purchase a membership to access monthly support and resources, along with networking and creative opportunities!📝


💜I hope you like my idea, and if you do then please show your support, we are determined to succeed in our mission to spread kindness🙏🏼 I want YOU to feel loved and have something positive to look forward to☺️❤️


Register your interest now to find out about the launch @ 🎁💳📍


Check out: and show some love!!💜


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